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«International Fire Center» («IFC»), a market leader in fire safety consulting, certification, risk management and engineering solutions. Founded back in 2003, IFC specializes in:

  • Russian codes and standards compliance
  • Russian Certification
  • Russian Fire Risk and Safety compliance
  • Design verification
  • Problem solving and thinking outside the box

The company renders these and some other services to Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Conventional Power complexes and Commercial/Industrial development in Russia.

Our specialists participated in multiple trainings held by leading Oil & Gas companies in UK, US, Japan and France, had first-hand on-site experience and took part in the development of a number of international projects.

Our track record already features examples of that proverbial «extra mile» we walk to make things happen. We find unorthodox approaches, when our client’s projects require it. For instance we took a group of state supervisors to the construction site in S. Korea, where an offshore platform was being assembled. It was that critical initiative, which helped to break the approval deadlock, when these specialists could inspect and assess the soundness of solutions advocated by us and used by our client. We know a lot, think out of the box and stay within the confines of law. So far it was the only viable long-term recipe for getting things done in Russia.

Our clients represent all major areas of business, not only from the oil&gas segment: Tebodin Consultants & Engineers, Russian Railways, SNC Lavalin, Fortum, Wurth, Holcim, Fluor Daniel and Worley Parsons among many others.

Nyagan thermal power plant
Offshore Ice-Resisting Stationery Platform «BERKUT»
Chelyabinsk CHP plant
Oil products logistics terminal «RPK-VYSOTSK «LUKOIL 2»
Fluor Daniel Eurasia, Inc.
Sinergia Market
Russian Railways (RZD)
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