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Development and approval of Project Specific Technical Specifications

Project specific technical specifications (PSTS) are developed in case if requirements of the normative documents are not sufficient for the development of design project documentation for capital construction object or if the object is unique and there are no normative requirements for it.   

PSTS is also developed in case when it’s impossible to meet the requirements of the normative documents (in case of deviations).

Project specific technical specifications are the normative- technical document that indicates the specifics of engineering, project and construction decisions, operation and maintenance of the objects.   

There are several types of PSTS that could be developed depending on the available normative data for the object and the clients’ demands.

Normative documents containing design and construction technical requirements for objects’ fire safety are one of the types of PSTS.

Project specific technical specifications is the normative-technical document on fire safety that specify requirements to the specific object and greatly simplify the development of project design documentation and document support in state expertise.

PSTS allows to:

  • remove the uncertainties connected with contradictions between different normative documents;
  • use the most effective design decisions;
  • confirm the fire safety measures that compensate deviations from normative document requirements;
  • simplify the development of the project documentation;
  • simplify the approval in state expert review in case of approval of PSTS in correspondent departments of RF.

International Fire Center offers our cervices of PSTS development for the objects of different difficulty level. We also support the document during approval in MCHS Russia and Minregion Russia.

Remember, that PSTS development and approval is a hard work and quality could be reached if only it is done by experts.

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