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Fire Safety Measures & Risk Management

Fire Safety & Risk Management

This is IFC’s core area of expertise, in which our company remains unparalleled in Russian market. Our technical consultants and engineers keep a sharp eye on all changes in the Fire Safety legislation. This enables us to be at the cutting edge in development of innovative methods and approaches, which are kept in high regard by such state regulatory bodies as the MChS (Ministry of Emergency).

Why would you need that?

Whenever you want to build any kind of capital construction object in Russia you would need to develop a set of Fire Safety Measures (FSM) which is applicable specifically to that object. This is, basically, a system of fire safety measures implemented at the object according to the requirements of Russian laws. In case your object is unique and there are no any special Fire Safety requirements for it in Russia, then you will need to develop the Project-Specific Technical Specifications (PSTS). This is also an obligatory procedure, if the design of your object has deviations from norms of Russian Federation, but you cannot alter it.

Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) is invoked when you need to have a clear understanding of the object’s level of compliance with Fire Safety requirements.

There are basically two reasons for such a calculation:

  • You draw up a Fire Safety Declaration for an object, for which FRA is required.
  • Fire Safety requirements for you specific object/product/equipment are not developed in Russia.

Such calculations may also be taken into account by insurance companies for policy premium estimation.

These are three most essential services in the field of Russian Fire Safety. However, depending upon your concrete needs, we can offer you some other necessary services like drawing of Fire Declaration (required for all buildings in Russia), expert assessment of design documentation, Fire Safety systems design etc.

Contact us to check what type of services your object would require.

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