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Fire Safety Declaration

According to Technical Regulation on fire safety that came into power on 1 of May, 2009 the criteria of object accordance to the requirements of the fire safety regulation were developed.   

The object is considered fire safe if the following requirements are met:

1) the obligatory requirements of the fire safety stated in Technical Regulations are met in full scale.

2) the fire risk value do not exceed the maximum allowed value listed in Technical Regulations (for the objects fire safety requirements that are not regulated by technical regulations)

Declaration of Fire Safety is the document that is the method of object’s compliance to the fire safety requirements confirmation.

Declaration of Fire Safety is developed for the objects that should be approved in state expertise (according to Russian Federation Law on Urban Planning).

Juridical person, the owner of buildings, constructions and industrial objects should file the Declaration of Fire Safety on a notification basis before putting the object into service.  

For the object that were already in service on the day of federal low come into power the declaration of fire safety should be filed not less than in a year after the federal law came into power.

Declaration of Fire Safety for the object on the project stage is developed by the designer or the builder.

The fire safety declaration includes:

  • The fire risk assessment and the list of measures that provide the maximum allowed value of risk listed in technical regulations.
  • The data on the possible damage evaluation to the property of the third parties
  • The list of federal laws on technical regulations and normative documents on fire safety that are met on the object

If the obligatory requirements of fire safety, listed in federal laws and technical regulations, are met and the requirements of normative documents on fire safety the fire risk assessment is not necessary.

The fire risk assessment should be made in cases:

  • The fire safety requirements could not be met because it’s is economically or technically unreasonable
  • The fire safety requirements are not sufficient (the object is unique)

The Declaration of Fire Safety should be updated or developed again in case if the data in it should be changed or the fire safety requirements were changed.

IFC offers our services of the Declaration of Fire Safety development

1) the list of normative documents requirements that should be met by the owner

2) the object expertise — the estimation of object compliance to the requirements of the fire safety. 

3) the fire risk assessment for the object and development of measures that can lower the risk value  

Our consultations could be valuable for you, because we are well informed on the latest news on the Russians law on fire safety. That’s why our services are always effective.

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