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There are several absolutely essential certificates one must obtain in order to have an unimpeded access to Russian market. You may need a one single document or a combination of them.

  • GOST-R certificate
  • GOST-R Certificate of conformity is a key certificate in Russia, which confirms compliance with Russia’s national standards for safety and quality.There is a vast list of standards for various categories of goods and, correspondingly, an immense number of items that should have such a paper. Recognizing GOST certification as one of the biggest and most important parts of major projects in Russia, we have created a separate department, whose sole activity is liaison with regulatory bodies and certification processing. This decision proved to be a timely and essential measure, which allowed us to gain a greater competence and celerity in such a vital area.

  • Fire safety requirements compliance
    When required, product’s compliance with Russian Fire Safety requirements should be confirmed by a special document. Two modes of such compliance exist in Russia — obligatory confirmation and voluntary confirmation.
    There is a wide range of goods and equipment, whose conformity compliance must be made in a form of obligatory confirmation. It mostly concerns, but is not limited to development, transportation and safety products. Obligatory confirmation is executed, depending upon the profile of equipment/goods, either in form of Declaration or Certification. Such confirmation could be applicable to a single piece of product, a batch of goods or a manufacturing process/equipment.
    In some cases it may be worth considering a voluntary confirmation for your products/equipment, when an obligatory one is irrelevant or non-required by the Ministry of Emergency (The MchS).
    Our experts will follow through the entire compliance application for your products/equipment including products/equipment made of unique materials and substances, for which no testing methodology or regulatory documentation exist.
  • Sanepidnadzor certificate
    Sanitary-Epidemiological Certificate (aka Hygiene Certificate) is required for a broad range of products and equipment and confirms their compliance with the hygienic norms and sanitary rules, as well as it serves a proof of product’s health safety.
  • Rostekhnadzor certificate
    The Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision is responsible for issue of certificates, which guarantee that given equipment (device, machinery, material, substance) is compliant with the requirements of technical safety and is allowed for use on the territory of Russia.
  • Technical passport
    Each type of equipment should be accompanied with so called «Technical Passport», in which all its relevant specifications must be mentioned in a format approved by RosTekhNadzor. Such document should be translated into Russian.
  • Metrological certificate
    Issued by Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology, this document confirms that a given measurement tool or device withstood successfully all technical and metrological tests, is compliant with the Russian standards and, thus, is allowed for use in Russian Federation.
  • Please note that many other certificates exist in Russia. Contact us to check what is required for your business.

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